Week 8&9: Networking and the NBA!

October 17, 2017

These two weeks have been a whirlwhind and yet seem to have gone on forever! Here's a quick summary of what I got up to!


Week 1


Having spent the weekend hiking and having fun, Monday started off with a very dull evening of laundry, cleaning and ironing. I would love to tell you that life is so glamourous here that I can "send it out" (take it to a dry cleaners, or if you're really lazy arrange for the dry cleaners to pick it up from you). Sadly life in a new city is still life and chores still need to be done.


Tuesday saw me attending my first professional event, a meetup at the Ellevate Network Headquarters for a young professionals article salon. I had to read an article beforehand about disappointment at work and then spent at hour or so discussing it whilst enjoying some snacks/wine. I really enjoyed it, and I met some lovely people, who I hope to stay in contact with through my time here. It was also nice to get some good tips and to glean a bit more information about the American workplace culture. On Wednesday I had class, where we started a Global Business module. Having studied international business at university I was both eager and reluctant to study it again, but thankfully we are looking at it from a more comprehensive view rather than at university where each module focused on a different aspect of business.


Sadly on Thursday I had my first crisis at my internship. Part of my job is managing the cell phone (mobile) and iPad wireless accounts, so when all the iPads stopped connecting to mobile data... yeah I had a big problem. It was an incredibly stressful end to the week, so bad in fact that I spent most of the weekend trying to relax, going to the gym, napping and aimlessly browsing at the mall in New Jersey. We have a really cute little square near our apartments and it was nice to sit in the sunshine with a coffee and decompress after a hard week. I also had a lovely time watching Miss Congeniality 2 whilst face, hand and foot masking in a truly indulgent pampering session with one of the girls in the building next door to mine.


Week 2


The week started with Columbus Day, a day off for many, sadly not for me. Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America, and is celebrated in New York with a parade down 5th Avenue. It is a little controversial but for many it is just a welcome day off in the calendar. Sadly there is no rest for the wicked and I was back at my internship bright and early trying to resolve the crisis from the previous week. Thankfully it is mainly solved now which is great, and I am feeling a bit more positive compared to when I initially found out about the problem.


On Tuesday night we didn't have class due to the Columbus day holiday, so we went to Green Rock in Hoboken for $1 beers. I didn't stay for too long because of work, and because I absolutely love the 6:15am workout class at my local gym (Mum please take note - I am not just eating my way through America). Trying to stay healthy when there is so much delicious food around is hard, so I am really making an effort to go to the gym before I start work. I attended another networking event on Thursday in another attempt to expand my professional network. It was a lovely evening getting advice from people who had been there and done that, and I met some other NYC Newcomers.




On Friday, Lizzi, my roomie and I went to see the NY Knicks vs Washington Wizards NBA Preseason game at Madison Square Gardens. It was so much fun, and as a special bonus we also saw Domnhall Gleeson and a guy who's in Black Sails. Being in New York is great for celeb spotting! The basketball was great as it was such a close game, but sadly the Knicks lost after an unfair penalty was given to the Wizards. Over the weekend, I went exploring in Saturday to Brooklyn. There was a book fair going on outside the Brooklyn Central Library so I stocked up on some new titles and then wandered in to Prospect Park. The park is gorgeous, and in my honest and unpopular opinion much nicer than Central Park as you can't see any highrise buildings, making it feel like you've truly escaped the city. I then wandered around Park Slope, admiring the brownstones, before hopping back on the subway to get ready for a birthday party. We tried to go to The Jane but there was a huge queue and I was desperate for the toilet, so I ended up going to a very crazy Mexican bar nearby and then giving up and having an early one.


 Sunday started off with a slow morning... I was not feeling my best. BUT, a large iced coffee and avocado toast later and I was up and at 'em. I spent the afternoon volunteering at the New York Wine and Food Festival, which raises money for hunger relief organisations. Chefs from all over the city (including Shake Shack) cooked up there best grub for guests to try. As a volunteer helping to manage the flow of people around the stalls, I wasn't allowed food until the end, so I spent a good hour planning my attack on the various delights on offer. Everything was small sample sizes which allowed me to try as many things as possible. I had the most amazing clam chowder ever, a "Reuben", a Shake Shack hotdog, a Cuban sandwich, maple pie and a few other delicious treats. It was well worth waiting for!


I can't believe that it is already midway through October! I am very excited for the upcoming week as I have another city break planned. More to come on that next week!










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