Week 10&11: Sisters, soirees and sightseeing!

November 19, 2017

Okay so this is a little bit late... a lot late. But with two extra posts (one coming soon), I hope you can forgive the delay. Again. Here's what I got up to both pre and post my trip to Boston.


In the week before my trip I volunteered to help out at an event for BritishAmerican Business at their annual Transatlantic Business Awards dinner. The dinner honored a number of influential CEO's (including the CEO of Broadridge - a company that a few people on my programme work for), and raises funds to promote a positive transatlantic business environment and to help its over 500 member companies build their international business. It was a very glamourous event as it was hosted in the Pierre Hotel, a 5* hotel which is reportedly home to Tory Burch and is well known for having celebrity and high ranking guests. It was great fun and we enjoyed a lovely meal, and got to listen to some of the speeches from the various honorees. Afterwards we got a taxi all the way back to New Jersey, heading past Central Park and a number of Gossip Girl locations and other classic New York sights. If you want to check out the rest of how this week went click the link here.

Coming back to New York from Boston was vaguely disappointing - gone were the big old brownstones, gone the beautiful sunny weather, and straight back to the daily grind for me. While I set off for work, Emily set off for a pizza tour which came highly recommended by our family. Each pizza tour goes to a couple of different pizza parlours, each serving a different type of pizza (thin crust, thick crust, Sicillian, you name it), and you can eat delicious pizza while learning about the history surrounding the first pizza oven in New York or why pizza slices are such a big thing over here. We met up in Washington Square Park before wandering into the West Village, spotting the Friends building and grabbing a tasty sangria, before heading back across to New Jersey for a delicious meal at my favourite Taphaus.


Tuesday Emily ticked off both the Guggenheim and Frick Collections in a very artsy day. The Guggenheim currently has a collection of Chinese Art and you can occasionally get free entry through the Pulsd app, while the Frick Collection is located in a beautiful house, and features many well known European artists like Vermeer (Girl with the Pearl Earring), Rembrandt, and many more. After work, I met Emily and headed over to Broadway to see a Broadway show. We learned the hard way that planning ahead to visit a restaraunt in Midtown is key as it is very busy and expensive. We managed to find a pleasant enough Italian close to the theatre where we saw Miss Saigon. The show was amazing but I think we both could have cried throughout most of it - I was definitely holding back tears in both halves of the show - but it was an amazing show with great performers.


The next day Emily went over to Ellis Island and also stopped off to meet Lady Liberty herself. I haven't been over there yet so it was great to get some tips - go early being the main peice of advice. Following that we explored the area around the World Trade Center, did some shopping at Century21 (a big discount department store), and visited the 9/11 Museum. I would strongly recommend visiting the 9/11 Museum as it is very moving and also gives a strong insight in to New York and American culture. The resilience the city showed in the face of the World Trade Center attacks was truly remarkable and the impact of the attacks can still be felt in the US today.


On Thursday Emily went and explored the High Line and Chelsea areas before we went and checked out the New York Public Library, Trinity Church and... Tiffany's! No trip to New York is complete without popping in to Tiffany's (browsing of course). We wandered around the shops on 5th Avenue before heading back to New Jersey for a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Fun fact there are no Cheesecake Factory's in New York City so if you're craving the creamy deliciousness of cheesecake then you'll have to pop on the PATH train to Newport in order to get your fix!

On Friday (FriYay!), we went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the mueseum is free on Fridays at 4pm so Emily jumped in the queue while I ran as fast as I could from work. There were some interesting collections on display including one about the history of fashion, as well as some beautiful impressionist and post-impressionist artworks. Neither Emily or I liked the main exhibit, and two of the exhibition halls were closed, so we were quite glad to have got in for free!


By the time the weekend rolled around I was exhausted! Being up every day at 7:15 to get to work, then late evenings at museums and sightseeing meant that I was looking forward to a lie in. Sadly it was not to be as we decided to go over to Brooklyn for brunch (an English style one not an all out all you can drink/eat New Yorker brunch) at a lovely cafe called ..... Afterwards we strolled up to Grand Army Plaza, past the brownstone buildings on Park Slope before setting off for a relaxing stroll around Prospect Park. I think Prospect Park is one of my favourite places in New York so far, as you really feel like you've escaped from the noise and madness of the big city. Also, fall leaves anyone? Afterwards we went back to New Jersey in order to prepare for a fun Halloween Bar Crawl in the East Village. We went to some fun bars, some weird bars, and one terrible one but all in all a good night out. It was amazing seeing all the different costumes. Americans take Halloween VERY seriously compared to the UK!


Fittingly for my sister's last day before returning to the UK it poured down with rain all day on Sunday. In spite of this, we marched out into said rain and went to visit the United Nations. Although a lot of it was closed on Sunday, it had a very interesting bookshop and an art installation which were very interesting and showed the history of the United Nations. Afterwards we went to a German beer hall near Grand Central before deciding to stop off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We did a quick tour of the Egyptian exhibit and a few others before heading home for dinner and to say goodbye.













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