Tales from Texas!

April 15, 2018

Well hello there. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and that the long weekend treated you well. I was fortunate enough to go to Texas for the weekend to see my best friend and her family. It was my first time in the state and I think it is so far one of the best places I have visited.



Texas is the second largest state in the US (behind Alaska), and in Texas size matters. At least when you look at the size of the cars, the houses, the highways and the shops... everything is big, bigger or, in the words of Mr President "yuge". I was expecting everything to be more spaced out, but it was still a shock to the system. After living in New York, Texas is almost frighteningly spacious. Oh, and everything feels like a movie. If you picture the "American dream house" your mind, I kid you not that it will probably be in Texas. Even the local cinema didn't look real!!


Did I mention the weather yet? It was so beautifully sunny, and warm and for the first time in months I didn't have four layers of clothes on. It felt like the middle of summer. We swam outside in the pool, had a Texas barbeque (a barbecue, but in Texas, somehow better than other barbecues), and lazed around in the sunshine.


I also got to experience the local life as there was a festival going on near where my friend lives. It was a family music festival, and it felt so good to sit outside in the sunshine with a beer catching up with my best friend, listening to some questionable rock music (apparently rock is popular in Texas). As it was a local fair, I thought it would be the perfect time to try my first corndog. Corn dogs are frankfurters coated in cornmeal better and deep fried, add a bit of mustard, some mayonnaise, some ketchup, and bingo - a delicious and probably unhealthy snack. In the same vein, I also tried Tex Mex cuisine at a lovely spot called Cyclone Anaya's. It was very yummy but very filling!


Cultural Moment:

My experience in Texas also made some parts of American culture (what some may call "rednecks") make sense. Personally I'm always surprised by people who have never travelled outside their state let alone country, or by people who don't know follow important current events, but my visit to Texas opened my eyes to a different mindset, one where there is no need to know what's happening elsewhere in the world. Texas has everything you could ever need, so why would you ever need to travel? Why bother keeping up with global issues when the area you live in is so peaceful that you can almost convince yourself that none of it is happening? Though obviously not all Texans are the same, it's a huge place after all, my brief view of Texas did help me to understand the more insular parts of American culture. I would love to visit more of Texas, and to can't wait to travel more within the United States, because I love learning about the cultural nuances. It's why I love travelling in general!


Anyhow, that's all for now from Texas. Look out for another exciting post this week about what else I've been up to in NYC!











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