What have I been up to? Highlights of two months in NYC!

March 24, 2018



Wow it has been far too long! I feel like I fell asleep in January and woke up in March! It has be a pretty busy two months so finding time to blog has been hard, plus I have had some computer issues, so apologies for the long absence. The good thing is that a lot has gone on since I last blogged so I am doing a mammoth blogging session today to get you all caught up.



February Highlights


1. Trip home!


I started February with a much anticipated trip back home to the UK. It was amazing to catch up with my family and friends, and to finally see the musical Hamilton (I bought tickets in January 2017 before I even knew I was coming to New York). The strangest thing about being home was that it didn't feel strange at all, and when I was walking through the fields at home with my dog, New York seemed like an elaborate dream. As soon as I got back to New York, it was strange to think that a few days before I had been at home. I guess it goes to show that I have settled in to my life in New York but I'm still a rural girl at heart!


2. Best friend visit! ​​


Towards the end of February I had another visitor, my best friend Lottie! I had great fun showing her around the city, and even ticked off some things on my bucket list like skating at the Rockefeller ice rink. We also saw some ice hockey and some comedy shows, and made a trip up to Columbia University and pretended we were in Gossip Girl (xoxo).



3. Career talks


As part of my year abroad I have been focusing on personal development. As part of this I attended some workshops and talks with alumni from my programme, as well as with the Ellevate network. As I start to move into the second half of my time in New York, it will be important for me to focus on getting the most out the experience and leveraging my skills and contacts to find new opportunities. Most of these talks are free to attend to so I would definitely recommend using your internship or year abroad to build networks and think about what you want to do next.


March Highlights


1. Mum visits! ​


Right on the back of my friend Lottie's visit I had my Mum and her partner visit. We did lots of touristy things, including Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which I didn't manage to go to the first time I came to New York because of the damage from Hurricane Sandy. We also saw the School of Rock musical which was INCREDIBLE and more ice hockey - I'm telling you it's my new favourite sport!


2. St Patrick's Day


St Patrick's day in New York has one of the biggest St Patrick's day celebrations in the world. There is a huge parade up 5th avenue, and the Irish bars are filled to bursting. The parade was really cool (literally, it was very cold thanks to an arctic wind), and everyone was in high spirits (especially my Irish flatmate). My friends and I also happened to

be on the Upper East Side and spent some time window shopping outside the designer stores, wandering round Central Park in the sunshine.


3. Snowstorms


I have officially experience my first "Nor'easter" which, according to Wikipedia, is a "macro-scale cyclone". Fun. Basically we have had a lot of snow in March, which did mean that my Mum got to see NYC in the snow, but in reality just meant cold, wet feet for a lot of the time. At some point I will be able to feel my toes again, but Spring is taking it's  sweet-a** time to arrive so I will keep you all posted.


And that's the roundup! I have another trip coming up next week as well as a couple of exciting things lined up next week, so check back for some more posts in the next week!









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