New Year's Eve in NYC!

January 7, 2018

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest events of the year in NYC. Thousands turn out to see the ball drop in Times Square no matter the weather (and this year it was -15 degrees celsius!). Here's what I got up to and some suggestions if you are in NYC for New Year.



Times Square


This is the most iconic way you could celebrate New Year's Eve. It is also the most difficult. If you want a good spot (e.g. not down a side street with a very restricted view where you might as well have stayed at home to watch), you will have to arrive early. And by early I mean over 12 hours in advance. Probably around 9am. You will then be placed in a corral which you will have to stay in all day. This is not for the faint hearted. This year it was -11 degrees celsius all day and even colder by midnight. People were warned about frostbite. In fairness we are having record lows but still. It will be cold. On the plus side you can see a star studded event, get some great freebies and be able to say that you were in Times Square on New Year's Eve.




Another option is to see the fireworks. Best places to go are Brooklyn Bridge (very busy), Prospect Park (busy but room to space out), the NY Road Runners Midnight Run (if you're feeling active). Again wrap up warm because you will be outside for a while.


Rooftop bars


See the fireworks, see the Empire State Building lit up in beautiful colours, see the beautiful lights of Manhattan... and enjoy a drink or two in the warm comfort of a bar. Personally I think this is the best option but they are PRICEY. Be prepared to spend a fortune in entry and drinks.




Going to a bar on New Year's Eve is going to be expensive no matter what. Tickets for some of the mid-range rooftoops sell for $100 minimum and don't always include drinks. This is where Pulsd comes in very handy. In the weeks up to New Year's there are loads of discounted tickets to various bars and clubs which you can grab. I managed to grab a $70 ticket for a place called PS450 not far from my office which included an open bar and snacks served all night (food being the most important factor como siempre). We even had a champagne toast at midnight and got to watch the ball drop on televisions live streaming the event.



Whatever you do on New Year's I hope you have a great time. Happy 2018!




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