Week 5: Take me out to a ball game

September 17, 2017

Another week, another million things on my to-do list. I've said it once and I'm sure I'll say it every time I do one of these posts - NY life is busy! Here's what I've been up to this time.


 On Monday it was the anniversary of 9/11. Although 16 years have passed the events of September 11th 2001, people here still remember that day as though it was yesterday. Many of the Americans at my office could recall exactly where they were (many at work). Looking over at the Tribute in Lights after work, I remembered watching the footage on the television, and reflected on the aftereffects of the tradgedy. It was incredibly moving and I felt very honoured to see the tribute.


Tuesday saw us honour the patron of our programme Countess Patricia Mountbatten of Burma who sadly passed away this year. We went to St Thomas Church 5th Avenue for a choral evensong and drinks. It was a lovely service and there was a reception afterwards where I met Lord Ivar Mountbatten - who is also involved with the programme.


Wednesday was a very full day. My local gym has a great class in the morning which I have been going to, but it starts at 6:15am! After that and after work I took the train down to Coney Island for my first NY Cares volunteering session. I helped out at a soup kitchen where I was serving food to those in need. It was very eye-opening to see the other side of New York which doesn't include penthouses, high rises and shopping on 5th Avenue, and I really enjoyed the experience. Afterwards I went back to Newport to a friend's house as they were hosting a quiz to fundraise for charity. I missed the first couple of rounds but my team came 2nd in the end which was very respectable.


I was invited to a party at the workplace of another girl on my programme. She is very lucky to have a rooftop and a great view of midtown from her office building. The party was very casual and had a great live band from the NYPD. Sadly one of the girls on our programme had to return home due to unfortunate circumstances so after a couple of hours we headed back over to New Jersey to say goodbye at her leaving do.


By the time it got to Friday I was exhausted, but I was offered a free ticket to the NY Yankees which I wasn't going to say no to! The girl I went with, Dobriyana, got tickets through her workplace which were practically on the pitch! Although not the biggest fan of baseball (it's quite slow), it was far more enjoyable watching it live. The Yankees won by a long way (I think - I didn't really understand the scoring) so it was a great evening.





 On Saturday I had my academic orientation (wasn't very helpful but oh well). It feels strange to be starting classes. I already have so much on my plate trying to squeeze them in is going to require a lot of juggling. Afterwards I went out for lunch at a place in West Village. The service was terrible there so I won't leave a link even though the food was nice. We also got delicious ice creams from the Big Gay Ice Cream shop - there were so many flavours but I went for chocolate (no surprises there) and chocolate sprinkles. It was a really hot/humid day so they went down a treat.


As you can see this week has been very busy. I know I promised an internship post this week but I honestly haven't had any spare time whatsoever (I had to do my laundry until 00:30am on Saturday). Next week I should have some free time so I'll get on it then. For now though I'm going to put my feet up and have a very long nap until it all starts over again on Monday!


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