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August 14, 2017

I'm leaving today!! I'm going to be a part of it NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!




This move feels like a long time in the making. I started the application for my internship/study programme back in March, so it's been five whole months to get to this point. Looking back it's amazing what I have managed to do in that time, and though there have been highs and lows, the journey has been worth it. So here I am sat in a Premier Inn somewhere near Manchester with the biggest grin on my face because the day is finally here!


In the weeks leading up to this I have been seeing as much of my family as possible before I leave, which has given me some great memories to take with me to America. This weekend was no exception as we decided to celebrate Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year and Easter all within the space of two days, as I might not be able to make it home. Thanks to a team effort from my Mum, her partner and my sister, as well as neighbours and extended family, we had a proper Christmas dinner on Saturday complete with tree decorated with the Christmas decorations we bought on our previous trip to NYC. We were also lucky to see some shooting stars - a very good omen for my year abroad.


I finally finished packing everything and am JUST within the restrictions (22.5kg and 23.5kg for my suitcases). After a lovely dog walk along the river Thames, it was time to set off on the long drive up to Manchester. We arrived with time for a lovely dinner at the Bull's Head in Handforth and settled in for a nice, relaxing sleep... except that I didn't sleep at all thanks to nerves/excitement.


Flying off for a year abroad is pretty scary, and much as I like to think "I've done this before" during my degree, it is still daunting. Especially when you're moving over 3000 miles away from home. However, thanks to social media, I managed to connect with a couple of others doing the same internship/study programme who are also on my flight. Knowing that I'm not entirely alone and that there are others going through the same experience has put me more at ease, and I'm looking forward to meeting them in departures for a celebratory drink.


Only 30 minutes until I have to leave so I'm going to sign off now. Massive hugs to:

  • All my amazing family and friends who have made the past few weeks so incredible.

  • Anyone who I haven't managed to see, my step family, my cousin, my best friend, my university friends, etc.

  • My dog - I know you won't be able to read this but you've probably dried out from your post-cow-poo shower now so you can have a proper one rather than a quick pat on the head.


See you soon












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