Week 3&4: Anyone for tennis?

September 11, 2017

Due to my Philadelphia trip I didn't get around to summarising my third week of my year abroad so here's a double whammy post!


Week 3


During work on Monday my phone was buzzing incessantly. My flatmate was looking at tickets for the US Open and was trying to organise for us all to go. Having been a fan of tennis for a while, yet never having been to Wimbledon, I jumped at the chance to go to a grand slam tournament. We got tickets "in the Gods" for the opening night of the tournament where Shania Twain would be performing (a fun bonus), but we were incredibly lucky that, because of how the draw had worked out, we got to see Simona Halep (World #2) vs Maria Sharapova! The Arthur Ashe stadium is out in Queen's, so I had to run out of work a quickly as possible to get there in time. As it was opening night there was a small ceremony with speeches by various US Open officials, the National Anthem and then Shania Twain did a mini concert complete with You're Still the One, Man I Feel like a Woman and two songs from her new album. It was fabulous! Once the match got started it was obvious that it was going to be a high quality game of tennis. We heard the classic Sharapova "oohs" and saw some incredible rallies. During the breaks we also managed to spot some celebrities including Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue), Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin & Pharrell Williams!
























As it was quite a late night, I spent the rest of the week trying to catch up on some sleep. On Wednesday we had our apartment painted so it looks quite smart now, and I signed up for the local gym after work which is a little bit pricey but once it gets to winter I will be very grateful for the short walk to get there. The rest of the week I spent planning my trip to Phildelphia with the girls.


Week 4


I couldn't believe that I have already been here for a month. It has simultaneously felt like a lifetime yet also only a heartbeat has passed. I celebrated Labor Day by doing very little - sometimes it's nice to have a little re-charge every now and again. After a day off I was fully recharged so on Tuesday I went for $1 beers at a local bar in Hoboken. It was a lot of fun but I instantly regretted it because Lizzi had me up at 6:15am for an "Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp". It was a great workout but I could hardly move for the rest of the day!


At our orientation a few weeks ago the charity New York Cares was mentioned. I looked it up and decided that I wanted to volunteer there as it offers a lot of flexibility and you can become a "Team Leader". I decided that one of my goals this year is to develop some more leadership skills so I was especially interested in joining. I had an orientation session at their offices on Wall Street and just like that I'm a NY Cares volunteer!


In other new football season has started! I watched my first game at 3 Sheets (a bar in the West Village). It was the New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs. I was rooting for the Patriots (a very unpopular thing to do in New York as they are in the same "conference" league with the NY Giants). Sadly the Patriots lost, but it was fun to watch my first American Football game - especially as I knew the rules (thanks to this very helpful YouTube video).


Having had a busy week I was looking forward to a relaxed weekend. I went with another girl from my programme, Hannah, to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was lovely to just wander around seeing the sights, and we also spotted a lot of Gossip Girl locations! On Sunday I had an even more relaxing day. I played tennis in the morning (my first time in years!), and wandered around Newport and Jersey City in the beautiful sunshine.


One of my favourite programmes, Outlander, returns to TV this evening so I am very excited to see it! As you can see I'm pretty busy but I will try really really hard to do an extra post this week about my internship so far. Look out for it on Tuesday!




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