I'm Charlie, a recent graduate in international business from the UK. I'm a traveller, Spanish speaker (Hola amigos!), big-dreamer and deep thinker. This year I am completing a study/work programme in the Big Apple - something I have dreamed of doing ever since I visited the city back in 2013!


Moving 3459 miles away from home is a pretty big deal. Getting a job out of university is a big deal. Getting to experience a new city and a new culture is a big deal. A lot of crazy exciting things are happening in my life so I wanted to share them with you, with family, with friends and with anyone who is interested in getting international experience, be it personal or work-related.

I will be honest, this may not work out. I may be too rushed off my feet to post often, I may forget my login details and get blocked out my account (not the first time) etc etc. Whatever happens my aim will always be to provide insights into working and living in a foreign country, learn more about the USA and American culture, and to share my perspective on the experience, as much as humanly possible. If you enjoy it, great, if you don't, hakuna matata. 

I would love to hear from others so please use the contact information on the right hand side to get in touch.



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Why am I doing this?

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